The FIC takes place over 3 days. It includes both:

  • an exhibition area of 20,000 m2 which hosts more than 450 booths as well as presentation areas (FIC Talks, demos) ;
  • a forum area, composed of many amphitheaters and rooms, which offers round tables, keynotes and conferences.
Exhibition (stands, villages, FIC talk, challenges, demos…)
Cybersecurity For Industry (CFI)
ID & KYC Cybersecurity For Industry (CFI)
European Cyber Cup
Forum (round tables, keynotes, conferences…)
Security and stability of the digital space.
Operational Security
Cyber Risk Management
Data security and digital transformation
Digital Sovereignty
Cybersecurity For Industry (CFI)               Industrial Cybersecurity
e-Customer Protection Forum (eCPF)               Anti-fraud
ID & KYC Forum                Digital identity

Side Events

Thematic tours