Associated Event – CFI

Cybersecurity For Industry, is the side event of the FIC dedicated to cybersecurity issues of the industrial world. Unique in Europe, it is a crossroads for exchanges and discovery of cybersecurity solutions for industry, as well as secure industrial solutions.

Industrial systems (also called operational technologies or “OT”) are at the heart of our lives. They are used to create the products we consume, the transportation networks we use, and the systems that provide us with energy, clean water, food, comfort and protection. They are involved in the design and manufacture of all the objects and equipment in our daily lives, supporting the development of an increasingly interconnected world.

These technologies are ubiquitous, but that does not make them any less vulnerable. We see more and more examples of takeovers, tampering or destruction of facilities as well as countless demonstrations of attacks against insufficiently secured systems. The more connected an object is, the more exposed it is to threats. Regardless of the size of the organization involved, decision-makers must assess these risks and put in place the necessary prevention, detection and response measures.

Without cybersecurity, the fourth industrial revolution will be a colossus with feet of clay. To reap the benefits of this revolution, every component must be secured at the right level to ensure operational safety, confidence and resilience for our industry.

Its first edition in 2021 welcomed 1000 visitors and 25 partners.