Associated Event – OSINT

Driven by significant growth in cyber threats, terrorism and other illegal activities, but also by advances in analytics and technology, the Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) market is expected to reach US$ 11,862.4 million by 2026, representing a 17.4% growth from 2020 (Market Research Future report).

The OSINT & Cyberinvestigation Day aims to bring together professionals, enthusiasts and those curious about OSINT to come, present their know-how and attend the different talks, around the following themes:

  • OSINT at the service of safety/security
  • OSINT against disinformation
  • OSINT in the service of population protection

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The first OSINT & Cyberinvestigation Day will be held on June 7th, 2022, during the FIC.
9h30 am – 10h am : Launch of the day
  • Antoine Violet-Surcouf (Avisa Partners) – Introduction
  • Serge Cholley (Eutelsat – Academic Chair in Intelligence at Sciencespo Aix) – Opening speech

10h am – 12h am : L’OSINT au service de la sûreté et de la sécurité des entreprises

    Corporate security departments are called upon daily to anticipate and respond to the physical and digital threats to which their managers, departments and facilities may be prey. A sensitive activity for which OSINT offers many advantages.
  • Hugo Benoist / Sylvain Hajri (OSINT-FR – BreacHunt / Epieos) — Know your organization’s vulnerabilities with OSINT
  • Artus Huot de Saint-Albin (Axis & Co /AEGE OSINT) — Investigation into surcharged SMS fraud: how to trace it back
  • Alexis Pinon (Avisa Partners) – The collection of geolocalized content for the protection of goods and people
  • Éric Ruffié (Vigilact) — Dealing with the destabilization of a company
12h am – 13h30 pm : Pause déjeuner
13h30 pm – 15h45 pm :

OSINT in the service of population protection

The Internet represents a resource that seems almost inexhaustible for criminals of all kinds: trafficking, scams, extortion… To fight against this crime, law enforcement agencies can also rely on OSINT to complement their traditional investigation techniques.

  • Margaux Duquesne (Millenium Investigations) – OSINT to find missing persons
  • Éric Emeraux (OCLCH) — Tracking down international criminals
  • Hervé Letoqueux (OPEN FACTO) — Investigation into the violation of the embargo in Libya by arms trafficking vessels
  • Éric Marlière-Albrecht (OCLCTIC, Ministère de l’Intérieur) OSINT at the service of the police force
  • Arie Ben-Dayan, OSINT Sales Director EMEA-APAC (Cellebrite) OSINT in support of police operations
16pm – 18:30pm: OSINT in geopolitics and against disinformation

In the balance of power between states, governments have been able to use digital networks to launch informational offensives aimed at destabilizing their adversaries or to support their military maneuvers on the ground. Open source investigations represent new opportunities to identify and counter these operations.

  • Alexandre Alaphilippe (EU DisinfoLab) — Investigation into the influence operation carried out by India for 15 years towards Europe
  • Mathieu Gaucheler (Maltego) — Survey of the RT ecosystem
  • Charlotte Graire (Airbus) – The role of OSINT in L2I
  • Nicolas Quénel (Freelance journalist) — Russia’s attempt to manipulate the 2022 French presidential election
  • Gabriel Ferriol (Viginum) —Viginum : The State facing the information threat

18:30pm : ApérOSINT (apéro – cocktail OSINT)
OSINT at the service of corporate safety and security